Tired, Hungry, Out of Shape?

Tired, Hungry, Out of Shape?

by Heather Zeigler, promoter of enriching pathways, sparkspace.


Have you ever found yourself in a place that you don’t want to be in life? More specifically, in a place that leaves you longing for more energy, a better relationship with food, and better confidence in your appearance? Maybe it’s time to do something about it.

With the only thing constant in life being change, we still have the ability to control the choices we make. Even when the choices we make don’t seem to get us where we really want to go, remember, moving forward (at any rate) does equate to progress. As a start, below are three things to consider on your progressive journey to finding more energy, feeling less hungry, and moving your behind.

Warning: This is real-talk. No filter, no feeling, no empathy.

Why? Because sometimes we all need someone to stop babying us about the areas we can improve in life, and to give us a bit of a push (shove, kick) in the next direction.


Tired?  Wish you had more energy?
Stop eating processed foods. Yes, processed foods are usually easier and you might even save time, however, your body uses more energy to digest the food. This leaves you with less energy for all the other stuff you have to finish. Not to mention all the added stuff included in the food that isn’t natural for your body, which means your body registers it as TOXIC.

The more your body is using energy to work on eliminating toxins, the less energy you have for all the other things you want to do.  Eliminate, or at the very least heavily minimize, processed foods, and sugary foods & drinks.*

*Extra Tip:  Consider how much sugar you are putting in your body. The average American eats an EXTRA 22-28 tsp of sugar per day. This isn’t the sugar naturally occurring in wholesome foods, it’s the sugar eaten outside of that [think about sweets and sugar drinks].  This means an extra 350-440 of EMPTY calories/day. Where can you cut the sugar out of your daily diet?

Ref:  University of California, San Francisco


Hungry? And you ate not too long ago?
Eat more nutritious foods. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are giving your body the right nutrition. If the foods you eat aren’t supplying the nutrition that you really need, your belly might have all kinds of food in it, but it still yearns for the vitamins and minerals needed to function. Your brain is going to keep telling you that your body is hungry because it wants you to feed it what it needs.

As an added bonus, whole foods will fill you up, typically have fewer calories, and burn more fat as your body digests it. Day by day, add more whole foods in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet. Make a large salad part of your day and watch how the fiber begins an overhaul of your system. Little by little, you’re going to feel the progress.


Out of shape?  Want to look and feel even better?
Move your butt. Make fitness a part of your job. If your daily schedule consists of working for 8 hours, why can’t your daily schedule also consist of a physical activity you enjoy for 30 minutes? We typically find a way to do what is most important for us throughout the day.

The quickest way to change is to challenge yourself. If you don’t challenge yourself (regardless of your current level of fitness), you aren’t going to change. As you make physical activity and fitness a part of your daily lifestyle, you will see your body begin to evolve in the direction you desire to take it. Remember, even slow progress is progress.


Want to kick things up in ultra-high gear?  Make all three of these strategies part of your lifestyle. Doing one or two is just fine, however, the real power comes in when you focus on taking out the sugar and processed foods, adding in whole foods, and finding a way to put a fitness activity into your daily routine.

Change is never easy, especially when we set out to challenge habits and ideas that have been ingrained in us for a long time. Keep in mind that your body is always changing, even right this second. New cells are being created and formed. If cells are the building blocks of life, what are you building your life on? Are you building your life on manufactured foods, sugar, and sitting still? Or are you building your life on nutritious fuel and the liberation that comes from keeping yourself active?


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About the author:

Heather Zeigler is the promoter of enriching pathways at sparkspace.  With degrees in Org. Leadership and Applied Psychology, Heather works as the executive producer to create public and private retreats that motivate every participant.  A yoga instructor and an advocate for nourishing lifestyle choices, Heather is all about intentional living. Her mission is to help others discover and understand the mental-physical connection and results achieved through an integrated lifestyle.


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