Now THAT’S A Good Server!

Barb Watts, one of our friends at Discover Financial Services sent this email to me awhile ago. As I was cleaning out my inbox, I found it and remembered why I saved it. I wanted to put it on the blog! So, here you go: some inspiration and hope! Good service people ARE out there!

Know you’re always interested in great customer service stories. I’m in the customer service business and this is a great one. In fact, you need to experience it yourself. I know it’s out of your way, but have lunch someday at Max and Ermas’ on Morse and Hamilton in Gahanna. Ask for Elizabeth.

Some co-workers of mine joined me (both of them managers) for lunch at Max and Ermas and needless to say, work has been kind of a downer. We have downsized and typically, work has been piling up on all of us.

We entered the restaurant and were asked if a booth was okay. Typical. But then, we were seated in ELIZABETH’S section. First thing she asked, “Can I get you something to drink while you’re looking at the menu? (She came right away – no waiting.) She asked about appetizer, but it was the way she asked that made you want to order one – we didn’t. She told us the soup of the day.

She promptly brought our drinks and she asked if we were ready to order or she could give us a few minutes. I know she was working on the “these girls have to get back to work” idea. Smiling all while. Never got the feeling of being hurried. We ordered and our lunch came. Elizabeth came promptly to check and make sure we got what we wanted. (By the way – it wasn’t overkill at all.)

We were already impressed but THEN, she asked us about refills and promptly brought all of us drink refills since we were almost finished with our drinks. She didn’t wait until we were empty. THEN, , I think she realized we weren’t in that much of a hurry to return to work so she came back and asked us, “Anyone up for dessert? CAN I BAKE YOU SOME COOKIES?” . . . “How about I put on a fresh pot of coffee FOR YOU?” AND THEN – she said, “HOW ABOUT A DRINK FOR THE ROAD” and she brought us all drinks to take with us. OMG ! ! ! We were so excited about our experience we could hardly contain ourselves. ( We declined the cookies and coffee but this experience certainly lifted our spirits and all three of us left her a $5 tip and talked to her manager about her outstanding performance.)

There were some other things she did that I can’t remember, but you really need to experience this yourself. We are still talking about our experience. Her manager said she works during the week, and she does do their training. But it is rare that you actually get service like this! ! !


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