Nice Touch!

We’ve started retailing a very cool book from Compendium called the Five Book. I’ll tell you more about the book another time, but I just had to tell you what happened with our initial order because it was surprising and cool.

When our order arrived, I opened the box to find all the books I ordered…plus one extra. There was a nicely designed note attached to the extra book that read:

A Gift For You. We are all dealing with a slow economy right now, but we’re finding ways to help our retailers weather this storm. For starters, we’ve added this extra product to your order absolutely FREE. Go ahead and sell it; keep the extra profit with our compliments. At times like this, we figure every little bit helps, so you can expect similar support from us every time you place an order with Compendium this year. Thanks for all you do. We’re with you all the way.”

I call this “elevation.” It’s the idea of simply taking one little step to elevate your customer’s experience. It wasn’t the biggest, most amazing gesture ever. It was a simple, elegant elevation – something I didn’t expect but that I thought was really, really cool. And it only cost them a few bucks to make that massive impression. Simply put, it was a nice touch.

Compendium is a company that gets it. Nice to know there are still some out there! I hope you’re one of them, too.


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