Where New Possibilities Come From

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First of all, I just have to say I LOVE the increased interaction I’ve had lately with readers via the comments section. It’s fun to talk to you and I love hearing your ideas and contributions. I’m getting as much inspiration (maybe more) from you as you are from me! Please keep it up. And if you haven’t commented yet, we’re all waiting to hear what you have to say! Ok, on with this week’s post…


I’ve run two half-marathons. Believe me, that was enough.

Enough to prove I could. Enough to get me in pretty good shape. Enough to convince myself I was immortal and invincible (for a day at least).

Before each race, I wondered if running a half-marathon would somehow spark a desire in me to run a full marathon.

Nope. After my second — and last — half-marathon a few years ago I announced to the world I was done, I was retiring from my long and victorious marathon-conquering career. And by victorious I mean I crossed the finish line without a major cardiac event.

Then my wife decided to do a full marathon this past spring. She somehow liked it enough to do another one this fall. Not only that, but she somehow roped me into doing it with her. I suspect she’s thinking/hoping that if a half didn’t kill me, a full one surely will.

Regardless of her obvious plan to do away with me, I agreed to join her and do what I swore I’d never do: participate in a full marathon. That’s 26.2 miles. In a row. Supposedly without stopping for a nap.

Technically, I’m still holding true to my word. While I AM participating in the Columbus Marathon on October 19th, I’m NOT running it.

I’m walking it.

Yep, I’m hoofin’ all 26.2 miles with my beautiful and totally insane better half. It should take us 7-8 hours if we don’t stop for that nap or detour through a Chipotle.

Why am I telling you this? To brag? No. Ok, yes. But also to share a very powerful — and empowering — idea with you:

There is rarely only one way to do something. There are many techniques you can use to accomplish a task, many paths you can travel to reach a destination, and more than one way to skin a cat. Although just to be clear, I don’t condone skinning cats.

I thought I’d never complete a full marathon because I had it in my head that it would require me to run 26.2 miles. It never dawned on me that walking it could accomplish the same thing. Now I’m thinking about what else I could accomplish if I simply redefine the how. By the way, isn’t that where all new possibilities come from?

What would be possible for you — what could you accomplish — if you rewrote the rules, adjusted the deadline, or simply defined a different way of pursuing it?

I really want to know! Leave a comment below and join the conversation.


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