Three Infallible Ways to Impress Your Clients

3 mtg room touches

The environment during a client presentation can make a big impact on how your company is perceived. When you google “how to impress your clients in a first meeting,” every article and blog are the same. Know the client, know the company, be prepared, and have an agenda. Not one article mentions the meeting room itself, but it can make a huge impact on a client’s impression. Whether the presentation is in your home office or a creative meeting facility, adding small touches to the space is a sure way to impress any client.

Here are three little meeting room touches to impress your clients.

1. Welcome Your Clients

If you’re wondering how to start a client meeting, a warm welcome is always a good idea. A welcome sign may sound elementary but it is a subtle way of letting your clients know you are excited for their arrival. Kind of similar to getting off the airplane and walking through the terminal to find someone standing at the gate with a sign welcoming you to their city. It’s never happened to me, but sounds amazing, and I would definitely feel like a VIP.

2. Enhance the Atmosphere

Adding fresh flowers, artwork, or a bowl of candy to the meeting room enhances any atmosphere, especially if it’s your client’s favorite retro candy. Music is also something that is often overlooked when designing the atmosphere of the room and preparing for a client meeting. Walking into a silent room is the worst. I realize that having blaring music may not be professional, but background music is a must for any meeting space. Knowing your client’s favorite band also helps.

3. Impress with Food

We all love food, so using food as a fun element of the meeting will surely impress your clients. Whether you’re having a quick “get to know you” meeting or a full day brainstorm, food is a must! Try something new and trendy like a pho bar or appetizer samplings from a local restaurant.

Investigate your client as well. A health-based company may not be excited about an ice cream/sundae bar, but a sample of sushi from a nearby restaurant would be a hit. Food is one of the biggest parts of a meeting, so be sure it represents how you want the client to perceive your company.

Remember, adding small touches to a meeting space packs big results when trying to impress clients. Welcoming your clients, enhancing the atmosphere, and impressing with food are three simple ways to change the environment and leave a lasting impression.


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