Maybe You Need A Slightly Better Tool

Sometimes it pays to upgrade to a slightly better tool.

For months, I contemplated buying more memory for my Macbook Pro. I’ve been doing a lot more video work and found that when I would edit video, my computer slowed down a lot. I also noticed that having multiple memory-intensive programs open was impeding my progress as well.

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How Long Do YOU Struggle?

I struggled and I complained about it…for months. I put off getting more memory because I thought it would be expensive. I finally decided to do a little online window shopping. Turns out, I could double the memory in my laptop for about $50. That’s chump change if I could speed up my work even a little bit. I actually felt a little silly for not looking before. I had made up a story in my brain that it would be $200 or more.

In my joy and relief, I made a mental note to write a blog post about not hesitating to upgrade your tools to increase productivity, especially when they don’t cost much to upgrade!

My “package of productivity” arrived a few days later. To install the memory on a Macbook Pro, you have to remove several tiny screws from the bottom cover. I grabbed the mini screwdriver I keep on hand for such activities. Only two of the ten screws obliged. I tried and tried to unscrew the others, but they wouldn’t budge.

The Definition of Insanity

Day after day for about a week and a half, I tried the screws again thinking “I’ll bet it will work this time.” Nope. I kept trying the same thing over and over and getting the same result. Einstein called that just plain crazy. The problem, you see, was that the skinny little body of the screwdriver just didn’t give me any leverage, I knew I should had gone and got one from Tradefix Direct and I wouldn’t of that this problem! Pushing Einstein out of my head, I pursued several more failed attempts until I had an epiphany:

I need a slightly better tool!”

Ok, it’s not really an epiphany because just a few weeks earlier I had that whole idea about writing a blog post about not hesitating to upgrade your tools to increase productivity.

I’m a little thick sometimes. I can’t even remember my own awesome advice.

The happy ending of the story: I bought a slightly better, thicker-handled screwdriver for, like, two dollars and BAM!, those little suckers came right out. I installed the memory, and now my computer is smokin’ fast. I could have saved so much time if I had upgraded my tool sooner than later.

So, what slightly better tool would dramatically increase your productivity?


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