Massage Your Customers!

Can I brag about my massage therapist for a minute?

I get an austin massage every month. Now before you start thinking I’m some sort of spoiled rotten fruitcake who frivolously spends his money on spa treatments, just listen for a minute.

Natalie, the owner of Relaxation Station, is hands down the best massage therapist in America, maybe even on the whole planet (I haven’t had massages on every continent, so I can’t make that claim…yet. Although, I’m pretty sure it’s true).

I used to think massages were a fun, relaxing thing to do on vacation or a special occasion. Then I lucked out and found Natalie. She convinced me to come back a few months in a row just to see how I felt. Needless to say, I felt great. I’ve been going once a month now for about two years. Along with eating right and exercising, I consider massage an integral part of my wellness efforts.

But Natalie does more than work the kinks out of my muscles, she also massages me in four very powerful ways that keep me coming back as a customer:

1. She always asks me if I’m having any trouble spots. If I am, she focuses on those areas without neglecting everything else. In other words, she listens to me.
2. She knows what works for me because she’s paid attention in the past. She knows how much pressure to use, where my typical problem areas are, and how much (or little) I like to chat during a session.
3. She gives me more than I pay for. I lose total track of time during a massage, but when I put my watch back on I notice that she has often given me more time than I scheduled. She doesn’t give me 2 hours for the price of one, she simply goes a little past the time I’ve paid for. I once asked her why she did that and she said she was just giving me what I needed. Hmmm, she worries about what I need instead watching the clock. That’s pretty rare.
4. She’s very humble. In fact, she’s almost too humble. I have to fight her to give her a tip. She acts like refusing my tip is a reward for being such a loyal client, but I think it’s pure humility. She has charged me what she feels is fair for her service and she doesn’t believe I should pay her more. That’s an old school service attitude. It’s refreshing to run across somebody like that. I still tip her whenever she’ll let me.

By the way, she’s so humble that she’ll likely kill me for writing an article about her. She could do it, too. She’s strong.

Do you want more repeat business? Start massaging your customers! And if you really want to take it to the next level, you could hire Natalie to massage them for you (she’ll travel)!


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