Lose Your But

“But, but, but…”
My least favorite response in the whole wide world.
I don’t care what comes after the buts. Doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, it’s an excuse, or an escape hatch devised to get you out of something you’d rather not live up to.
But, but, but…
I’m too busy
That’s not my job.
That’s HER job (same as previous response, by the way)
I don’t have enough money.
That’s not fair.
It’s too hard.
I don’t have the resources.
I don’t know how.
I have kids.
It’s too cold.
It’s too hot.
I’m too old.
I’m too young.
I’m a man.
I’m a woman.
They’ll never let me.
Is any of this sounding familiar?
I’ll admit it, whenever I’ve heard myself utter a “but, but, but…” it is always in response to something I simply don’t want to do. So in the 1.5 seconds it takes to say “but, but, but…” my brain concocts an excuse.
And then I remind myself that successful people get up every day and – instead of doing what they want to do – they do what needs to be done.
I know people in wheelchairs who ski on mountains.
I know people who build businesses without an MBA.
I know single moms who work full-time AND raise good kids.
I know employees who pay their own way to conferences they really want to attend.
Every one of those people inspire me with their no-excuses attitudes and their no-excuses ACTION.
Ever catch yourself saying “but, but, but…”? Maybe not out loud, but in your head?
Lose your but. 
Your but may be keeping you from bigger, better things…like success, adventure, and fulfillment.


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