Live NOW!

Jim Sullivan wrote a powerful post today on the Built To Lead blog. The title of the post was A Proper Perspective. It contained a paragraph that I think I’ve read almost 50 times now. I just keep reading it over and over. 

“Live NOW. Don’t waste a minute. Life is fragile and all-too brief, and so embrace and celebrate it. How fortunate to be conscious! What a rare thing consciousness is, and here I am, a winner in the DNA lottery. Not only that, but I was born into THIS great country at THIS particular time to THESE terrific parents with all these TALENTS and GIFTS. Who the hell am I not to use them to their fullest? Life may be difficult sometimes, and the days are long, but the years are short. Live high. Live mighty. Live righteously.”

Like I said in the comment box after Jim’s post, I’d add a comment but anything I could say would only detract from this powerful message. Except maybe to say do what he says.


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