3 Ways to Keep Your Team’s Attention Throughout a Meeting

distracted teams

Keeping your team’s attention throughout a meeting can be an uphill battle, but following these 3 simple tips will make it easier to have an engaged team during every meeting.

Limit Technology

Technology is a constant struggle when it comes to our attention.  We check email, we text friends & family, we’re constantly on social media. Our phones are comforting, they keep us busy when we’re bored, and honestly checking our phones has become habitual.

When we need our teams to be present, we have to limit technology. Before the meeting begins have teams leave phones, laptops, and tablets at the door or packed up. Create designated times and breaks for your team to stay connected.

Create Disruption

Creating a disruption is a great way to keep your team’s attention. Doing something unexpected or out of the norm immediately captures the attention of everyone in the room. No one wants to be left out or miss something interesting.

Get the team involved in a mid-afternoon team bonding activity, open with a guest speaker, break the team out into small brainstorming sessions, or play an interesting or funny video that relates to your topic.

Stay on Track

Straying from a framed-out agenda will undoubtedly lose the attention of your team. If you’re already an hour off topic it’s easy for your team to start thinking “when is the meeting going to end?”, “if we cover all these topics we’ll be here another 3 hours!”, “we haven’t even reviewed our actions items yet!”.

So, stay on track with your agenda! If you do happen to stray or fall behind on the outline, keep the team informed and make cuts where necessary to end on time.

Teams want to be engaged. It’s your responsibility to help create a meeting environment where distractions have been eliminated, disruptions have been curated, and expectations have been followed.


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