Just What Is That Hawk Trying To Say Anyway?

I think the Universe is trying to tell me something.

First of all, I’ve seen an abnormal amount of large hawks in the past few weeks. Yeah, I know, it’s Spring. The hawks are taking advantage of all scurrying creatures that are emerging from hibernation.

But it’s weird that I’ve never noticed them like this before. I mean, it’s not my first spring. It’s not even my forty first spring (keep counting). So why am I noticing so many hawks? I looked it up. Hang with me here for a minute. It might sound a little new-agey, but hang with me anyway.

According to most sources I found, hawks are the Universe’s way of telling me I need to take a higher level, bigger picture view of my life. Hawks float up there on the thermal winds, taking it all in, looking for precisely the right opportunities. And they’re extremely patient. 

They are also telling me to learn how to focus on what’s truly important, like they do. What’s important to a hawk? That little mouse down there. That’s opportunity. And a squirrel or a rabbit? Don’t even get me started! That’s what we’d call a GREAT opportunity!

Know what? Those hawks are right. I do need to step back and re-evaluate what’s happening in my life, my business, and the world. Perhaps the world needs me to contribute differently. I’ll never see those mice, squirrels, and rabbits standing on the ground. I need to get back up in the air and take a look around. I’m kind of excited about what I might find.

How about you? Have you been focused too much on what you’re doing to see what maybe you could/should be doing instead? Maybe the Universe wants something more out of you, too.


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