Is Your Job a TGIF or a GIFT?

How do you look at work right now? Are you in TGIF mode? You know, living for the weekend so you don’t have to work or think for a day or two? 

Every Friday, I see hundreds of TGIF proclamations on Facebook and Twitter, not to mention the ones I actually hear people utter in person. Sometimes these expressions begin to appear much earlier in the week. Comments like “I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday” or “Only 4 more days ’til the weekend” are surprisingly common.

It’s a totally understandable attitude. Work sucks sometimes, no doubt about it. It would be great if work was all butterflies and rainbows, but we’ve all had our share of cloudy, rainy weeks (and we all know butterflies can’t fly in the rain…or is that bees? I can’t remember).

But what if – entertain me for a moment – what if we can actually CHOOSE our attitude like some of those butterfly and rainbow people believe?

What IF you viewed work right now as a GIFT instead of a TGIF? Call it selective dyslexia if you’d like. Intentionally rearrange the letters. Intentionally rearrange your attitude.

If you have a job right now, it really is a gift. Ok, maybe it’s not the gift you would choose, but it’s a gift nonetheless. I hate to sound like a mom trying to get you to eat your vegetables, but look around. There are so many people who either don’t have a job or don’t have a job that’s nearly as fantastic as the one you have. Don’t believe me? Watch Dirty Jobs or Undercover Boss sometime on TV. You’ll change your mind.  

I’d like to challenge you to do something. A simple behavioral change for one month. Even if you can do it for a week I’d be happy.

I challenge you to look at your job as a gift.

If you have a hard time with that, make a list of everything you can think of that’s good about your job. Maybe your list will be a mile long, or it might contain a single item like “I’ve got the only chair in the office that’s not broken.” 

Maybe your list simply says “I have a job.” That’s a good start.

When you shift from a TGIF attitude to a GIFT attitude, so many things about your job will change for the better, including the quality of your work and your relationships with your bosses, co-workers, and others.

And if you want to take it to an extreme, take a moment this week to thank your boss(es) for the gift of your job.

Wouldn’t it be neat if the meaning of TGIF changed from “Thank God the weekend is almost here” to “Thank God I have another day to work this week!” And that’s my final butterfly and rainbow thought for today.  🙂


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