Is There A Sally In Your Organization?

by guest author Cat Bauman, Circulation Marketing Manager, Columbus Business First

This year I began grad school on top of working full-time. To keep balance in my life and avoid gaining a hundred pounds I started working out religiously by going to the gym at 5:30AM three times a week. In January, when I first started going to the local YMCA, I was the only female in the cardio room, surrounded by older men that kept their noses to the treadmills and barely spoke.
In February, a new front desk person was hired and the environment began to change.More women were showing up to workout in the morning. The tired, stuffy, and grumpy old men were more friendly, energetic, and fun to be around and over time the man-to-woman ratio actually leveled off. Why? I think it had a lot to do with Sally, the new front desk clerk.
Sally is an energetic, fun, and loving person. She goes out of her way to get to know every “Y” member that comes through the door. She has a way of making everyone feel welcomed and appreciated just by cheerfully saying good morning and genuinely asking how their morning is going. Everyone can tell that Sally truly CARES and I believe that is why she is so successful at her job. Sally actually cares about the “Y” members, her co-workers, and the “Y” itself. Sally demonstrates her level of caring through her words and actions.
In March of this year, I wrote Sally a note thanking her for being her. The day I gave Sally the note, I said good morning and nonchalantly slid the note across the front desk and went on my merry way to the cardio room. After my workout Sally stopped me and thanked me for the note. To my surprise, Sally said she really did not want to get out of bed this morning and didn’t really want to be at the “Y”. But no one would have ever guessed she was having a bad day by her warm smile and cheery disposition. Sally continued to say that the note made her day and made her time at the “Y” worthwhile.
Do you know a Sally in your organization? Someone who is upbeat, positive, and truly cares about people? Have you ever noticed how their attitude positively impacts people on your team, department, or company? If so take a moment to write them a personal note of gratitude and appreciation. You just might return the favor and make their day a little brighter.

Cat Bauman is our guest author this week. Cat is the Circulation Marketing Manager at Columbus Business First. She’s also a former Director of Guest Happiness here at sparkspace where she spent almost five years being our “Sally.” When she told us about her experience with Sally, we thought it would be a great story to share with you!


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