I Hate Fall

I hate fall

I hate fall. There, I said it. Let the angry responses begin.

Yeah, yeah, the leaves are pretty for a week or two. The “crispness” in the air is a nice change for some, I suppose.

To me, Fall signals that Summer is over and Winter is coming. I LOVE summer. I LOATHE winter. Fall & Winter seem like pretty good friends, so you see how I might not like Fall so much, right?


Seasons can teach us valuable life lessons if we let them.

Fall is always a reminder to me that there is a rhythm to everything. Everything is cyclical. There are good times and bad. Easy times and tough times. Beautiful times and ugly times. Times to rock and roll on your dreams and times to just rock yourself to sleep in a fetal position.

None of these times last forever, and they come and go in rather regular and predictable patterns for the most part. Ok, maybe not so predictable. But looking back on my life, I see cycles and patterns for sure. Look back on yours and you will see them, too.

Fall is also a reminder that even during the times that I don’t love so much, I can still find goodness.

– There is beauty in a brilliantly colored autumn leaf.
– There is relief and enjoyment in a cool breeze.
– There is joy in the face of a tiny trick or treater.
– There is deliciousness in a fresh-picked apple.
– There is spirit in a Friday night football game.
– There is comfort in the sights, sounds, and smells of a fireplace.

Ok, maybe Fall isn’t so bad after all.

I refuse to change my mind about Winter, though.

What’s the most beautiful part of fall to you?


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