I Love Nordstrom!

Like many, I love Nordstrom. Today for three reasons:


1. On my way in, I noticed the complimentary umbrella bags to put your wet umbrella in. Brilliant way to provide a nice service to the guest (so I don’t get all wet carrying around a wet umbrella), while keeping their store safer (by keeping water off the potentially slippery tile), and reminding the whole world what the coolest, most considerate store is (with the convenient Nordstrom name on the bag). It’s a win-win. Nordstrom certainly put some bucks into this little service with printed bags, special stands, etc., but it’s free to the guest. Nice.


2. When I approached the sales girl who helped me a few weeks ago, she actually remembered me. I had purchased a pretty darn nice shirt so I’d look extra spiffy for a big speech. She took one look at me and asked, “How did the presentation go?”


As if that wasn’t enough, she remembered that I had my son and daughter with me on the previous visit. Today, my daughter was off with my wife in the completely mysterious girlie area, so it was just me and the boy. “No daughter today?” asked my very competent sales person. She remembered more than one detail about me! Feeling pretty special at this point.


3. The reason for my visit was to replace my pretty darn nice shirt that had been lost at the cleaners (a topic for another article, to be sure). I didn’t have my receipt, but she was able to look up my past purchase with must my name and credit card. She located the shirt in the same size, rang me up and sent me home really, really happy.

Umm…about all I can say is WOW. Nordstrom deserves their reputation as a customer service giant.


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