How Will Your Life Be Different Next Wednesday?

Next Tuesday we’ll elect the next President of The United States. It could be the guy that already occupies the Oval Office. Could be the former Governor of Massachusetts. The news says it’s a close race. Truly up for grabs. Looks like it might be a real nail-biter.

So, what are you going to do differently on Wednesday if your candidate wins on Tuesday? 

Are you going to get up every day and say “Now that MY guy won I’m finally going to pour 100% of myself into my job. I’m finally going to work to make myself, my product, and my company the best it can be. I’m going to work to improve every day. I’m going to support my company, my community, my country, and my President to the absolute best of my ability.”

If you’re not saying that today — better yet, if you’re not LIVING it today — you’re not going to say it, or live it, next Wednesday and beyond.

Regardless of what all the ads and speeches have been desperately trying to make you believe, the President has absolutely no power over you and the choices you make. Sure, he has a bit of influence over some things that might affect you, but here is what what you have to understand deep in your bones if you ever really want to be successful and fulfilled at work and in life:

Your life is your life because of the choices YOU make for YOURSELF. Not because of who we collectively choose to sit in the White House.

Anything else is simply victim mentality.

And before you get defensive thinking I have no idea what I’m talking about because I haven’t seen the struggles you’ve faced, think again. sparkspace is now 13 years old. I’ve survived two recessions during that time, seen many ups and downs, and at one time had to let go 6 of my 8 employees. There have been years I’ve lost money and years I’ve made a healthy profit. This year, we’re somewhere in between. Believe me, I’d love it to be better. I’ve got a beach house on my bucket list that I’m nowhere close to being able to make a reality…yet.

When I get that beach house, I promise you I won’t credit the President for it. So, how can I possibly blame the past, present, or future Prez for any of my failure?

Can the Government pass laws that make it more difficult to be in business? Sure. They’ve done it quite a bit. Can it dictate how I respond, how I innovate, and how I adapt as an employer or an an employee? Last I checked, no.

An Election Week Challenge:

So I challenge you to reflect this week on the choice you have before you. Not the choice of who’s going to be the next President of this awesome country of ours, but the choice of how you’re going to bring yourself to life next Wednesday if your guy wins.

Dare I ask what you’re going to do if your guy loses?


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