How to Tackle Conference Room Technology


MacBooks, ipads, ipods, Rokus, PCs, VGA, HDMI, Converters ……there’s a ton of cords, adaptors, converters, and other various types of high tech conference room equipment needed for meetings today. Not only is there a lot of technology, the technology is constantly changing. Add in software like PowerPoint, Keynote, YouTube, Netflix, etc., and it becomes a pretty big task to have the best conference room technology for your meeting.

Now, I’m not exactly what you would call an “IT person,” but with such a small staff here at sparkspace, I am, at times, the “IT person.”  So it’s best for you, and for me, to study up on the best conference room technology solutions before your next meeting.


sparkspace observation:

Facilitator arrives early. Awesome.

ME: “Do you need any help setting up today?

GUEST: “Nope, I’m all set”.

Fast forward 40 minutes later (5 minutes past meeting start-time).

GUEST: “I’m having trouble projecting my power point onto the screen.

This happens way more often than you might think.

Other common scenarios:

– the power point is not working

– the projector is not projecting the image from the laptop

– the video won’t play

– can’t connect to the internet

– don’t have an adaptor, or the correct adaptor, or the power cord, etc.

These are all obstacles that can typically be taken care of fairly quickly, and before your meeting participants arrive.


Tip #5: Be Tech Ready

As soon as you arrive at your meeting destination, make sure you set up any type of technology that will be used during your meeting before you do anything else. Whether this is you setting up, or an “IT person”, it should be the first thing on your checkoff list. This means everything from hooking up your ipod to play music during breaks, to having your YouTube video setup (and tested) and ready to go with the push of a button. Being prepared makes a statement.

I don’t know about you, but I much rather be taking care of a technical issue with no audience. Having an entire team staring at me while I’m crawling under the table trying to hook up cables is not on the top of my to-do list, and I’m sure it’s not on yours either.


Useful Idea:

If you’re not at sparkspace, your facility may not provide additional cords or adaptors on-site, so you’ll want to call ahead and ask to speak with their “IT person” (probably an “actual” IT person). Here are few useful questions you’ll want to ask:

*What is the wifi password? (hunting someone down at a conference center takes a ton of time, which limits your time)

*Will someone be available to hookup my laptop?

*Will I need an adaptor to connect my laptop to the projector? (if so, will you provide one?)

*Are speakers available?  (in case you have sound)

*If I’m having technical problems, will someone be available to assist on-site? (and what time will they be available?)

As stated in previous tips, it’s extremely beneficial to prepare ahead of time in every aspect of your meeting, including being tech ready.

Have other useful “tech ready” suggestions? Leave a comment below and add to the ideas!




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