How to Spark Positivity in Your Team

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Does work, your team, or your work environment feel tired and a bit like “Groundhog Day”? Does every meeting bring on a sense of Déjà vu, and dread? Regardless of where you work or what you do, if the default flow of the day becomes routine or your work is primarily problem-solving, it is easy to fall into negativity that impacts both your mindset and your performance.

Want to know some good news?

Adding a positive spark back into your workday and team is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

In this edition of team sparkspace series, founder Mark Henson and Mike Clouse each share their favorite ways to start building a positive team culture.

Mike’s tip: Share a positive focus during staff meetings.

Begin your meetings by sharing a positive event, idea or opportunity that you’ve recently experienced. Our fearless leader and COO here at sparkspace, Leah Senecal, has us share a positive focus at our Monday staff meetings. This does three great things for us:

  1. It draws out the voice of each person in the meeting right away at the beginning. This loosens everyone up and fosters more conversation and engagement throughout the entire meeting.
  2. As each person shares their positive focus, we learn more about each individual on a more personal and deeper level. As personal connections strengthen, so does trust which leads to great collaboration, teamwork, and effectiveness.
  3. We recognize, acknowledge and celebrate one another. I don’t have to tell you the kind of energy boost that can be. To have someone see us and celebrate us, with us, can be restorative. This energy boost then manifests into positive workplace behaviors.

Mark’s tip: Remember to encourage others! 

  1. Encourage others…intentionally and authentically. Get up, walk around and look for people doing the right things. Good things. Especially those who are working hard and possibly struggling. Give them a high-five, an encouraging word. Make sure they know they are appreciated and valued for more than just what they do.
  2. Finally, be consistent in these things. They aren’t huge, complicated or monumental. But when they are done authentically, consistently and role modeled by leadership you will be surprised by the impact that such simple actions can, and will, have on you and your team.

By the way, you don’t have to be a leader by position to have a huge impact within your team and organization. So regardless of title, lead by example and attitude. Your influence may be just the spark your organization needs!

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