How to Make the Most out of Your Meetings

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You open up your calendar on Monday morning and you see that the colored blocks that dictate most of your day are meetings. Lots and lots of meetings. If you are part of a company that has that many meetings that you feel like you can’t keep up with sometimes, why not mention to your boss about using software such as Deputy to help make it easier for everyone to remember scheduled meetings.

You sigh, grab your notebook, head out the door and into the mass of meetings that await you. You’re not sure why you’re going to half of them. You’ll be distracted through the other half of them with email or texts. You didn’t read the pre-meeting documentation for one of them. Your project and the resources you need to complete it depends on the other one.

Sound familiar? Even a small part of it?

I thought so.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you are the leader of the meeting or one of the meeting attendees, YOU have an opportunity to be better prepared and get better results from the investment of YOUR time and talent.

Here are some quick meeting tips and tricks for being better prepared to lead and for how to attend your next meeting!


Ask WHY. Why is this meeting being held? What’s the purpose of the meeting?

Ask WHAT. What are your desired outcomes for the meeting? What are your expectations for the meeting? Are there decisions to be made? Actions to be taken? Tasks & Projects to be delegated?

Ask WHO. Considering the purpose of the meeting AND your desired outcomes and expectations – WHO needs to be in the room? Who doesn’t?

Ask WHERE. Where is the BEST place to conduct this specific meeting?

Ask WHEN. When is the BEST time to conduct this specific meeting?

Ask HOW. HOW can we BEST accomplish the desired outcomes and engage attendees effectively? What is the best method for this meeting – virtual, face to face, with video, etc.?


Ask WHY. Why are you attending this meeting? What is the purpose of the meeting?

Ask WHAT. What are your desired outcomes and/or expectations for attending the meeting?

Ask WHO. Who can you reach out to if you have questions about the meeting, about the purpose and expectations? Who will be in attendance?

Ask HOW. How can you be of the greatest service to yourself and others at this meeting? How can you contribute? How can you benefit?

What impact might it have if you devoted even 5 to 10 minutes of preparation time before your next meeting?

I challenge you to give some of these business meeting tips a try this week and let me know your results!

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