How to Improve a Meeting Atmosphere


Boardroom style setup…uncomfortable chairs…beige walls…popcorn ceiling tiles…and no access to the outside world. Who’s been there? I know I’ve had my share of meetings in this exact same location, and unfortunately, it sets the tone for your meeting. Comfy chairs, a dining table, a TV or even a led screen fitted somewhere around the building would create some sort of positive atmosphere for the staff, regardless of whether they are in a meeting or not. Not to worry, we are here to teach you how to make staff meetings fun with our creative meeting ideas.

sparkspace observation:

People love the atmosphere here at sparkspace. So much so that we have had many clients try to replicate their experience. It’s the ultimate compliment when one of our favorite guests says “we have a sparkspace room in our office now!”. It’s pretty amazing what adding a layer of paint and a couple of comfy chairs can do to a drab space. If you’re looking for some elegant furnishings to impress clients and please employees with, Office Monster might have what you’re looking for in the way of office furniture.

Tip #3: Improve The Atmosphere

I would like to think that you’re all having your meetings here at sparkspace, which is designed to encourage engagement and innovative thinking. Okay, sorry for the sales pitch, but we obviously believe that getting away from your office and holding your meeting in a creative environment is pretty effective. But what if you can’t have your meeting at a thought provoking facility? Then, bring the thought provoking materials and fun to your environment.

There is something to say about getting out of the office and away from the distractions, but creating a stimulating environment in your own office that is welcoming and vibrant can be a great way to engage employees in team meetings if leaving the office is not an option.

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Useful idea:

Guests love coming to our space because it’s different, and it’s fun! If your office is full of cubicles, consider carving out a “creativity corner”. If you have the ability to commit an entire conference room, give it a fresh paint job, add some comfy new furniture, and hang some stimulating art on the walls (but no motivational posters, PLEASE). You could even turn this into a pretty powerful team building project.

If you can’t permanently take over a space, try adding something unexpected to your next on-site meeting, like fresh flowers, upbeat music, bowls of candy, some of your kids’ toys from home. Or add a couple of bright pictures to the bare walls. Simply adding some color and dimension will perk up the lamest of boardrooms and will greatly improve staff meetings.

Need some more inspiration and ideas for how to have a great staff meeting? Book a tour at sparkspace and snag some great ideas while you’re here.

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