How to Have the Best Meeting Ever


The cold hard truth about meetings is that “bad” meetings can actually impact our economy. Unproductive, boring, irrelevant meetings cost companies lots of money and suck up everyone’s time. Don’t believe me? Check out the link below which shows the mind-blowing impact of bad meetings on our economy. It’s shocking.

The Economic Impact of Bad Meetings

What can we do to stop this wastefulness? Well….we can stop having bad meetings. I know, I know, easier said than done. But if all meetings were centered around what makes an awesome meeting, then we should be on the right track. Below are some best practices for productive meetings, so make sure to use this checklist the next time you’re planning a meeting.

In order to have the Best Meeting Every meeting needs to be:

Relevant: Do not have a meeting to discuss topics that can be sent through an email, discuss relevant topics that need solutions now. Invite only the people that are relevant to the topics you’re discussing.

Productive: Decisions need to be made and set into motion or you’re not having a productive meeting. If you’re not leaving your meeting with a decision, an action plan, and a scheduled follow-up, re-evaluate your meeting.

Facilitated Properly: Having someone who knows how to facilitate makes all the difference. They know the flow of meetings, they are prepared, they stick to the agenda, they take breaks, and they make sure action is set into motion.

Not Boring: The facility and atmosphere play a huge role in having your best meeting ever. You could have an absolutely amazing facilitator, but if you’re hunkered down in a dim, windowless room it will suck the life right out of the meeting, regardless of who is speaking. Keep the facility in mind when planning your best meeting ever.

I can’t really help you on the relevant or productive aspects of your meeting, but I definitely know a space that takes care of the “Not Boring” part of planning your best meeting ever. (CLICK HERE┬áto book a not-so boring meeting.) I’ve really enjoyed sharing ideas and effective meeting tips with you this past year and I’m always available if you have any meeting planning questions. Talk to you soon!




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