How To Create A Fantastic Monday

Want to know the secret to having a fantastic Monday? Choosing to have one.

I searched the Internet for an image depicts a happy Monday. I found maybe three images and those looked like greeting cards my grandma would have sent me.

Know how many images there are that show how bad Monday sucks? Thousands. No kidding.

With the explosion of social media, it seems like our favorite past time of Monday bashing has hit an all time high. “It’s only Monday and I already can’t wait for the weekend” is the mantra repeated week in and week out by the masses of worker bees across the country.

That attitude is a choice. We consciously choose to treat Monday as if it is a national anti-holiday created by the Devil himself. Monday could be a great day – a FANTASTIC day – if we would just choose to make it that way. But how?

Here’s an activity that we introduced in our Positive Charge Mastermind group this morning. I share it with you freely in hopes that you will share it with others — as many people as possible.

A Fantastic Monday Exercise

  1. Make three columns on a piece of paper. 
  2. In the left column, write down your five most important tasks today.
  3. In the middle column, re-write your task list with the intention of a FANTASTIC result for each task.
  4. In the right column, jot down how you might achieve that fantastic result, or the first step you need to take.

Here’s an example:

  • One of my tasks today is to review a pile of resumes
  • If I re-write that task with the intention of a FANTASTIC result, I will be reviewing resumes looking for our next FANTASTIC team member.
  • How? I need to describe what I mean by a FANTASTIC team member before I review the resumes. That way, I’ll much more likely find what I’m looking for.

Honestly, I was dreading reading through a pile of 30 resumes. Now that I’m looking for someone FANTASTIC, I’m kind of excited about it!

I tested this on my to-do list and found that I could do this even for the most mundane tasks on my list. It has made me realize that I don’t go after FANTASTIC results as much as I could (and should).

If you look at every task today and challenge yourself to creating a FANTASTIC result, would you have a better Monday?

By the way, it works for Monday, there are six other days just waiting for you to make them FANTASTIC, too.


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