How to Choose A Meeting Venue


Do you enjoy planning offsite meetings, or is it something you dread? What do you do when your favorite “go-to” is booked? Whether you book an offsite monthly, or just the occasional two to three times a year, it’s necessary to know the importance of venue selection when it comes to a team meeting. I have three simple guidelines to follow when choosing an offsite meeting location.

  1. Know the FOCUS of the meeting.
    There are many reasons why we plan offsite meetings. Maybe the team is in need of a distraction-free facility in order to focus on goals or challenges. Maybe the team needs a team building session to refocus on communication and collaboration. Other times you just need to get away from the office to boost morale and have some fun. Knowing the team’s focus is an important factor to consider in venue selection.
  2. Pick A Creative Space.
    No matter the type of meeting your planning, a creative space lends itself to team engagement and sparks innovation. Obviously, I’m all about promoting creative spaces. I’m surrounded by the incredible atmosphere of sparkspace everyday, which tends to make you look at things differently. Selecting a venue for an event that promotes creativity also encourages engagement and brings in a “fun” element, which all teams can benefit from. If you can’t book a creative space for your offsite you can always bring the creativity to the space. Visit my tip#3: How To Improve Your Atmosphere for tips on how to add creativity to a not so creative space.
  3. Take a Tour First.
    This guideline is often overlooked, but it is such an important part of planning and choosing an offsite. It’s a good idea to take a tour of the space, with a venue requirement checklist in mind. Does the facility have a good atmosphere? Is it clean? Does the shape and setup of the room accommodate your meeting needs? Not only knowing what the facility looks like and what the facility offers, but what about the logistics of getting to the facility? Is it easily accessible? Is the parking easy to find? Is the building marked clearly? Also, touring the facility during the same time you plan on arriving to the meeting is something to consider. This would give you an idea of the traffic patterns in order for your team to be prepared.

I hope you find these guidelines useful and if you have any suggestions or would like to share your offsite booking tips I’d love to hear them!

If you’d like to book your next offsite meeting at sparkspace, or even just come by for a tour,  CLICK HERE and I’ll be in touch.


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