How to Best Handle Technology During Meetings


I’ve been trying to come up with a post on meeting technology etiquette and how to manage all the technology we see on a day to day basis. With all the smart phones, access to email, social media, and the constant urge to be updated, it has become a topic on everyone’s mind. How do we deal with technology and what’s the appropriate way to use technology in your next meeting?

It’s easy to say, “No phones or laptops during the meeting”, but is this reality? At some point we’ll all be checking in, so we’ll either do it secretly, or on breaks. My previous posts on Schedule Frequent Breaks and Top 3 things that could Make or Break your meeting both touch on technology, but what about technology etiquette?

After reading through numerous articles and blog posts I came across one from Sharlyn Lauby, who has presented technology etiquette perfectly. She has come up with five simple guidelines we should all adhere to when dealing with technology during business meetings. I hope you enjoy her blog post, and please leave your comments or ideas on how to deal with technology during your next meeting below.

Technology During Meetings: How to Handle


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