How To Be Even More Amazing In 2012


Friday night is pizza night at Casa de Henson. I always enjoy swinging by the drive through at my local Donatos for two reasons:


1. I love the smell of pizza in my car, and
2. I love seeing how prepared they are for the inevitable Friday night rush. They have pizza boxes literally stacked floor to ceiling.


In case you didn’t know, pizza boxes are shipped and stored flat. The employees then have to pop them into the shape of a box. I’ve seen stores do this as the pizzas are made, and that’s ok…if things are slow. But Friday night? Fuggeddaboutit. Way too crazy busy at most pizza joints.


My local Donatos gets it. They understand that it’s very wise to use their downtime earlier in the day or earlier in the week to get those boxes ready. Somebody somewhere in the organization said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be easier to rock those pizzas out if we didn’t have to stop and pop a box together every time?


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