How to Be a Better Team Member


Let me start off by saying this is NOT my typical meeting tip, but I believe that personal development is a strong component to being a better person, which ultimately leads to being a more effective team member, co-worker, boss, etc. Hopefully you find this tip on personal development useful and as a reference for improving yourself and/or your team. Maybe you could even apply one of these development tips to your next meeting!

I’m extremely fortunate to work for a company, and boss, that consistently promotes and encourages personal growth and development. What if you’re not in the same situation? How do you seek out these opportunities, or do you seek out these opportunities? If you’re interested in your personal development, or your team’s personal development I’ve made a list of a few ways you can add development into your life, work, or even your next meeting.

Check with your Company: Check in with your boss or human resource manager. There may be development opportunities within your own company that you’re not even familiar with or know about. This can be an untapped resource many employees are not taking advantage of, so definitely ask! If this is not an option, seek out a personal development workshop or retreat and bring the idea to your boss. Finding opportunities for personal growth is not only beneficial for you, but for your company as well. They may even be willing to pay for your program.

Online Courses: There are thousands of online courses you can enroll in to better your career, happiness, influence, time management, etc. If you’re looking to develop something, there’s a course. These courses range from free to hundreds of dollars, depending on your budget and the extent of the program being offered. I’ve provided a link to a website which offers a variety of online courses: Online Courses

Books: Just as online courses, there are thousands of books on development. This is a relatively inexpensive way to develop yourself, or even your entire team. Here at sparkspace we participate in a “book club” of sorts, which we decide what book we’re going to read, block out a morning on our calendar, then discuss the book and share ideas. This is a great way to get the team together, share different perspectives/ideas, and develop the entire team. This could possibly lead to your best meeting ever!

Local Courses/Workshops: It’s amazing how many free courses are offered if you just search them out. You can find courses on maximizing social media, marketing research, business planning, starting your own business, financial planning, etc. This list generated by just typing in FREE local workshops into a Google search. You can also find workshops and courses this way for very minimal pricing, or more in-depth retreats and workshops.

We love personal development and sharing information here at sparkspace, so here are a couple more websites that provide personal development courses to better yourself and your team.

The Great Courses




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