Give ’em Your Cookies

Butter Cookies

On a recent flight on AirTran, I noticed a small commotion several seats in front of me. The flight attendant was explaining to a grumpy passenger that there was some mixup in the seats. She was trying very nicely to move the man to another seat. He clearly didn’t want to go because he would be separated from his wife (well, I assumed it was his wife).

After several awkward moments of negotiating, the flight attendant finally looked at another passenger sitting nearby and said, “Would you be interested in a seat next to me in the back of the plane?” This new guy in the equation said yes. So she told the first gentleman that he could sit there.

This awesome AirTran employee then turned to the man who offered up his seat and said, “C’mon and sit by me. We’ll get into the cookies together.” I think even the grumpy guy smiled.


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