Get Your Life In Whack

Don’t you love the word, “whack”? It’s a completely nonsensical-sounding word, yet it carries several meanings in our language.
You can “whack” somebody with a stick. That’s not the same as poking them or hitting them. A whack feels different. And the person you whack usually doesn’t deserve it.
You can “whack someone upside the head”. That’s a very specific action, similar to a slap in the face, but typically happens on the back side of the head in an upward motion. And, unlike getting whacked with a stick, the recipient usually DOES deserve it.
You can “whack” (i.e., kill) somebody, but only if you’re in the mafia. They’re the only ones who use the word that way. And you have to say it with a thick New Jersey accent or it just doesn’t sound right. You may also interchange “Make ’em sleep with the fishes”. Again, only if you’re a gangster.
“That’s whack” was street lingo for awhile. It meant “that ain’t right”, which was also street lingo for awhile (and still is in the deep south, I believe). 

When something is “out of whack”, it is typically out of balance in some way. There’s something not quite right and it’s making the whole thing not work properly. Picture a tire that’s not properly balanced. It wobbles and shakes and makes the tire perform poorly all the way around. In turn, the entire car wobbles and shakes and doesn’t handle the way it should. The tire is out of whack, therefore our entire driving experience is out of whack.

We’ll tolerate that tire about a week before the vibration drives us nuts and we finally drive to Sears and beg them to balance our tires and smooth out our ride.
Our ride then becomes back in whack.
But what happens if you make it past that first week of tire shaking? You get used to the vibration, don’t you? It becomes your norm. You don’t even notice it after awhile. And if you never drive or ride in another car, you completely forget that your tire is out of whack. You become oblivious to the fact that your car could perform way better and your ride could be so much more enjoyable.
What about your life? Same principles apply, yes?
When an area of your life is out of whack, it can cause your whole life to become less than ideal. But if you ignore the part(s) that are begging for attention, you eventually stop noticing. It becomes your norm. Worst case? The part that’s out of whack crashes & burns and wreaks havoc in the rest of your life as well. Best case? You live a life that’s less than optimal, less productive, and far less satisfying than it could be.
In every Creating A Positive Charge workshop that we produce, participants testify again and again that negativity in the workplace is often caused (or made worse) by other areas of life that have gotten out of whack. 
For instance, if you’re not healthy, does your work suffer? If you say no, let me ask it another way: if you were the pinnacle of physical health & well being, do you think you could bring your “A game” to work more often? You know you could.
If your home life is full of negativity and stress, does it affect your attitude at work? Likewise, if your work life is full of negativity and stress, does it affect your attitude at home?
We humans are stubborn and bizarre creatures. We’ll fix our cars immediately at the appearance of the slightest knock, ping, or rattle. Yet we’ll ignore the incredibly important parts of our life that need attention…for years, even decades.
Fall is a great time to pause and take a look at your life. Not just work, not just home, but your whole life. How satisfied are you with all the areas of your life? How productive are all the areas of your life? How effective are you in all the areas of your life?
Anything causing your car to shake?
Now would be a great time to start getting it back in whack. Sure, your boss will be glad, so will your teammates. But YOU’RE the one who will truly discover what a positive difference it can make in your life. Not just your work life, but your WHOLE life. That’s what really matters.
This article was inspired by an event that’s happening next week at sparkspace called Take Time For Your Life – 30 Day Breakthrough Program Kickoff Event. This is not an official sparkspace produced event, but I met this week with Eric Pennington, the presenter of this extraordinary program. Eric shared with me how the program is designed to help people identify areas of their life that are out of whack (my words, not his) and how you can create a breakthrough in any one of those areas in the next 30 days. I instantly knew that this was a program that could help many of our friends and followers reach greater satisfaction & significance in their lives.
Eric’s energy & passion for helping people create wellbeing in their life is truly inspiring. He has outlined his escape from the the typical, soul destroying world of work in his book, Waking Up In Corporate America: The Seven Secrets That Opened My Eyes.
I hope you’ll consider investing in yourself with this program. A better life at work, home, and everywhere in between takes commitment, discovery, and action. This program will light a spark in all three aspects, I’m sure.
You can also contact Eric directly for more info at
I usually end my articles with “see you next week” even though we’ll likely only see each other electronically. In this case, however, I really do hope we see you in person next week at sparkspace for this great event!


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