Four Team Bonding Activities Your Team Will Love


Popular question at sparkspace: “What team bonding activities do you recommend?” Well, here are a few of our favorite team bonding ideas here at sparkspace. Some we’ve actually done, and some are on our list for upcoming staff events. Hopefully this is a helpful resource when looking for some team outing ideas.


Food Tours

I don’t know many people who wouldn’t love hitting up multiple restaurants or food trucks for an incredible sampling of local foods. You can set up tours based on particular parts of the city, specific types of food (like desserts!), or try hitting all your favorite food trucks. Whatever tour your team decides on you’ll not only be sampling yummy food, but you’ll be bonding with your team, and possibly be visiting parts of your city you don’t have a chance to visit very often. Signing your team up for a food tour will certainly have your team on board with this team bonding activity!

Columbus Food Adventures


Segway Tours

Multiple cities have Segway tours of their downtown or most historical areas of town, and they are fun! Take it from a team that has taken a Segway tour of downtown Columbus, Ohio. We still talk about our fun experience, and laugh at our pictures;-) If you can get past the fact that you’re wearing a helmet and look like Paul Blart, from Mall Cop, it’s really enjoyable and a great learning experience. Your team will be educated on the city they live in and you’ll have multiple laughs and a great experience to share with your team for years to come. Take it from sparkspace…this is a fun one!

Segway Tours



I’m not sure this activity has hit every city yet, but it sure is popular in Columbus. Imagine being locked in a room with your co-workers and a ZOMBIE!!! You have one hour to unlock all the clues and puzzles to get you and your team out of the room without the zombie getting you. EECK…..this would be super for all you Walking Dead fans. Although if you’re not a fan of zombies there’s multiple experiences besides the “zombie experience” to choose from, whether you have to escape before a “bomb” goes off, or you’re “infected” by a virus, there’s something for everyone.  We’ve had teams here in the space that have done this before, and they LOVED it! This is definitely on our list of team bonding activities here at sparkspace.

Trapped Columbus


Participatory Dining

Everyone loves food, so here is a second food-based team bonding activity that is sure to get your team involved and excited. There’s something about preparing a meal with others that brings people together. Usually there’s laughing, silliness, and just plain fun. Whether your team is meeting at a facility that specializes in this type of event or you’re at your boss’s house, having an experience that allows your team to collaborate, celebrate, and share a meal is a surefire way to have a successful team bonding event.

The Kitchen Columbus


There’s always new and exciting activities that bring your team together, and I would love to hear some of your fun company event ideas. Please leave a comment on the blog and share your ideas!






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