Four Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues at Work

how to beat the winter blues at the office

Are the winter blues starting to sink in at work? This tends to be that time of year when energy levels go from high to zombie-like low. Our theory is that when you get back to the office from the holidays in January, things feel fresh and you are rejuvenated to work. That tends to wear off by February when every day is cloudy, freezing and you don’t see the sun for weeks at a time. Hello, cabin fever!

We still have a lot of winter left to go. So what to do to combat the winter office blues?

Four Easy Ways to Not Hate Your Office During the Winter

  • Sit near a window. Vitamin D does wonders for the body, and helps in staying happy in winter. Even if the sun isn’t shining, simply seeing the sky can help boost your mood and energy. If your desk isn’t near a window, is there a common area or an open conference room that you can camp out in for a bit?
  • Strategically select your playlist. If you are allowed to listen to music on headphones at work, select music that personally makes you feel good. Just yesterday we decided to play music at sparkspace that reminded us of a beach vacation (the Bob Marley station on Pandora is amazing for this!)
  • Walk outside. Yes, we said it. Walk outside. A brisk walk even in cold temperatures will wake you right up. A favorite “hack” is to walk outside to the parking lot, touch your car, turn around and go back inside. It’s that easy! If it’s too cold, even a walk around the office can help boost your mood. Consider holding a walking meeting, as well!
  • Bring in a treat. While treating yourself feels good, treating others feels even better. Bring in something homemade like your famous cookies or surprise everyone with coffee from a nearby local roaster. The key here isn’t to spend a lot of money but to feel good by making other people smile. You can also treat your team to a surprise snack during your meeting.

And sometimes, all the sunlight, happy music, quick walks and baked goods just won’t do the trick. Important meetings during the long stretch of winter risk participants being disengaged and just plain grouchy. For upcoming meetings that matter, consider taking your team offsite or pitching the idea to your boss. Check out our other article about the benefits of going offsite for meetings!



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