Forget What You Need To Do

If you’re like me, you’re fired up for the new year and all the possibility it brings. I love new years and new seasons. Even just a new day usually gets me pretty excited.

Even so, I’m a little overwhelmed with how to achieve all the wonderful things I want to achieve this year. I’m also overwhelmed at the volume of self-help information intended to help me set goals and get motivated. So I’m going to keep this simple this week, but I do hope this single spark helps you as much as it is helping me think differently about this new year.

Forget what you need to DO to achieve your goals. Instead, focus on who you need to BE. If you become the person you need to become, the “to-dos” will suddenly become much easier to do, and many will magically start taking care of themselves.

For example, if your goal is to become “fit like an athlete,” you already know what to do: eat right, exercise a lot, stay hydrated, and get the proper amount of rest. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’ve probably done those things before in hopes of losing weight or becoming more physically fit. Yeah, I’ve done it, too. So why aren’t you and I Olympians? Face it, most of us are more like Oompa Loompians than world-class athletes.

It’s because we work on what we need to DO instead of who we need to BE. Someone who is fit like an athlete is disciplined, committed, and maybe a little bit crazy (have you seen those people who run in the snow????). They put their health and fitness FIRST, before entertainment, hobbies, and even before friends and family. I’m not saying they don’t value these things, but they will sacrifice some of the time others might spend with friends, family, and American Idol in order to achieve and maintain the level of fitness they desire. 

So are you working on eating right, exercising, staying hydrated, and resting properly, or are you working on being disciplined, committed, and maybe a little bit crazy?

This applies to more than fitness, too. It applies to any kind of goal you strive for. If your goal is to become a better leader, build a better team, or create a culture of world-class customer service, take some time to think about who you will need to be as an individual or an organization first. Then, work on the ways you can develop into that. 

If fitness is your goal, you may realize that to create the time you need for exercise will require you to become a master of time management. Take a class or read a book (or two or three or ten) on time management.

Procrastination is one of the biggest issues when it comes to getting fit. We tell ourselves we’ll start it next week or the weather is too bad. NO! Start running every week, book those Tennis Lessons, buy those weights, whatever it is you need to do to get start, don’t put off.

Becoming a better leader might require you to become a motivator of people. Learning what makes people tick would help you become the kind of person you need to be to become a great leader. Go learn what makes people tick!

If doubling your sales is your big goal this year, you might need to become the best sales organization on the planet.You won’t do that by simply checking off a to-do list. You’ll have to develop your entire organization to be fanatically crazy about your product and seizing every opportunity to add amazing value to your clients.

This whole article really boils down to two questions (sorry you had to read all the other stuff…I couldn’t help myself):

1. What do you want to achieve this year?
2. Who do you need to become as an individual, team, or organization to make that happen?

Oh, yeah, one more thing: start today. It’s really the only day you ever have.


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