Five Ways to Take Your Meeting From Good to Great

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We’ve hosted thousands of meetings over the past 17 years here at sparkspace and throughout the years, we’ve seen what makes certain meeting planners stand out. The thing is, what the rockstar meeting planners do isn’t super complicated; anyone can do it! Essentially, there are five very simple yet effective meeting strategies that make their meetings successful and elevate them to “meeting hero” status.

Here are five effective meeting tips that will transform you into a meeting hero:

Prepare an Agenda
Agendas keep the facilitator and team on track and ensure everyone is prepared for the meeting. In order for the agenda to be useful it needs to be prepared and sent to the team at least two days prior to the meeting. This way the team is aware of materials, reports, and discussion topics in advance. Read our blog post on how to write an effective meeting agenda.

Schedule Frequent Breaks
Sounds juvenile, but you would be amazed at how infrequently teams break. If attendees continually keep getting up during the meeting it’s a sign that your team needs a break! Short breaks should be scheduled every hour in order to keep the team energized, focused and engaged.

Communicate with Meeting Facility
Communication between the facilitator and meeting facility is crucial to the success of the meeting. You’ll want to communicate the room setup desired and meeting materials needed prior to the day of the meeting. Having AV equipment, office supplies, and materials prepared and ready ahead of time is an important step in conducting effective meetings.

Order Yummy Food
Food is often the most anticipated part of the meeting so don’t disappoint your team! Keep the food fresh, healthy and abundant. If you’re meeting all day, don’t skip breakfast and make sure to have an afternoon snack. The dreaded 2 o’clock hour is the perfect time to reenergize with a fresh fruit bowl or a Mediterranean platter. This secret can definitely impact your “meeting hero” status.

Create an Action Plan & Follow Up
Specifying actionable items or tasks is imperative to the success and outcome of your meeting. Once the action plan has been set, schedule specific dates with your team to follow up. Using the last hour of your meeting to create an action plan and follow up dates will make everyone feel like there was purpose for the meeting.


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