Evesdropping can be a good thing!

Last Friday, I conducted a QBQ! workshop at the Blair Center, a conference center in Westfield Center, Ohio (owned by Westfield Insurance). Really nice place that Westfield Insurance built. They spared no expense along the way.

I was chatting with one of my teammates before the session began. We were discussing the fact that the battery on my camera was dead. About a minute later, Chad – the facility manager – appraoched me and asked if I needed a battery. He explained:

“I monitor the microphone you’re wearing (for the PA system in the room) from my office. That way I can tell what’s going on in the room and hear when somebody needs something. I heard you say something about a dead battery, so I came to see if I could help you with that.”

Now, I don’t necessarily want everyone evesdropping on my conversations, but in this case I was quite impressed. Chad used the technology intended for one purpose to help serve me in a completely different way.

Too bad my camera takes a proprietary rechargeable power source, or I would have scored a free battery!


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