Even Automated Service can be Good Service!

This is a PHENOMENAL example of automated customer service. My son and I belong to a father/son organization called Indian Guides (or Y-Guides as some may know it). Our group uses a service called “Club Express” to manage registrations for events that we participate in. 1-2 weeks after paying for something through this website, I get this email:

A gentle reminder from Scioto Longhouse and ClubExpress:

On 12/10/2008, you made a credit card payment of $11.50 through the Scioto Longhouse web site. This payment will appear on your monthly statement as “ClubExpress” because Scioto Longhouse has outsourced its member signups and renewals, event registrations and donations to ClubExpress.

If anyone else in your family or office reviews your credit card statements, please also let them know about ClubExpress so they won’t be alarmed.

This service has thought through what might happen when a customer gets their bill (i.e., I might freak out if I see something on my bill that I didn’t remember purchasing from a company I’ve never heard of).

It’s automated, simple, and puts my mind at ease. Nice.


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