Break the Script with Your next Meeting Kickoff

meeting kickoff

You know that reoccurring weekly meeting on your calendar, the one you probably dread? We’d venture a guess that if the meeting kickoff was exciting, you’d actually (dare we say it) enjoy the rest of the meeting. We believe that the meeting kickoff sets the tone for the rest of the agenda and the mood of the room.

Here are our tips on how to make your next meeting kickoff better:

Group share a “positive focus”

This is a sparkspace tradition! We start our Monday staff meetings by going around in a circle sharing a positive focus. This can be a positive interaction with a client, a professional victory, or a personal achievement. The action of everyone sharing establishes trust in the meeting as well as good vibes all around. It’s a ritual that we hold sacred for our meetings, and something we do every week. Give it a try!

Watch an inspirational video

Our C.O.O. loves this tactic. Once a month she’ll bring a thought-provoking TED Talk video to kick off our weekly staff meeting with. After watching it, we’ll discuss as a team before we launch into the meeting agenda. Not only do we learn something new, but this often opens up to a larger discussion about our company’s evolution or innovative ideas that we may never have had otherwise.

Do a creative exercise

This tactic works great for meetings when you need to generate team input and ideas. Instead of asking people to chime in with their thoughts, which can typically be a slow process and produce lackluster results, start the meeting with a creative activity that will get juices flowing.

For example, our team was recently tasked with thinking of design ideas for our new meeting room that we’re opening. Instead of kicking off the meeting by predictably diving into the agenda, we started by clipping out ideas from magazines and posting them up on a giant bulletin board together. This visioning activity could also work for customer profiling exercises, re-branding ideation, product launch strategy, etc.


What if you just allowed your team to have fun for a few moments, no strings attached? team sparkspace was totally surprised in a weekly meeting when our C.O.O. brought a funny board game for us to play for ten minutes or so. This quirky start to the meeting not only put the team in a good mood, it also boosted our energy on what would’ve been another run-of-the-mill Monday meeting. And yes, we actually did get to the content of the meeting (though we closed the meeting by playing another round of the game). It definitely doesn’t hurt a company when coworkers get along!

So now we challenge you! How are you going to start your next meeting differently?





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