Don’t Bury Your Brilliance

“Brilliance always looks like crazy at first.”

Behold the reason you hide your brilliance. You have an idea, or a talent, or a dream that is pure brilliance…and it just seems crazy.

So you convince yourself to bury your brilliance, using a dump truck full of self-doubt:

I have an idea that will help make our company a lot of money, but my bosses will think it’s crazy.
I think I’m pretty good at the violin, but maybe I’m just crazy.
I really want to hike the entire Appalachian Trail, but that’s just crazy, right?
My friends keep telling me that I should write a book, but I think they’re crazy.
I told my parents I wanted to join the circus. They said I was crazy. 

What is your idea, talent, or dream that just seems crazy?

Brilliance always looks like crazy at first.


Bury your brilliance long enough and you’ll bury it permanently.

That’s not a metaphor.

Some day you will die. And all of your unused ideas, talents, and dreams will buried with you.

The people who really “got” this message didn’t even stick around long enough to read this last paragraph. Because they dropped everything to start living their brilliance this very minute. And that, my friend, is the must un-crazy thing you will ever do.


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