Consistency, Consistency, Cansastancy

Yes, the title is correct.

I’m writing this at a top secret location. It’s a hotel somewhere outside of Ohio, that’s all I can tell you. Mostly because I don’t really want to bash this particular hotel. It’s nice. Very nice. The service has been really, really good. The staff is extra friendly (in a truly genuine way). The bed has amazingly nice sheets and pillows with just the right fluff.

It’s strange how the little things stand out, though, especially when they’re not consistent with the rest of your experience.

This hotel is listed with SLH – Small Luxury Hotels. Some of the nicest, coolest hotels I’ve ever seen or stayed at are listed in this directory. Their standards are very high. This hotel deserves to be there.

But the self-serve coffee pots in the lobby suck. Don’t get me wrong, the coffee is fine. It’s the pump pots that suck. I had to push and push and push and push and push to fill up half of my cup. My right arm actually got a bit of a workout, which maybe I should consider a good thing because otherwise I didn’t get any exercise today.

I’m picky. I know that. If I was at a motor hotel off the freeway, I would expect a coffee pot to suck (if they even had one). But I’m at a hotel that’s listed with SLH. The inconsistency is noticeable. It’s a little thing, but so is a fire ant at a picnic. The little things can make, break, or – at the very least – tarnish your entire experience, can’t they?

So, the big (or little) question I have for you is what is your coffee pot? In other words, when you examine your business, brand, or service experience, what are the little things that just don’t live up?

What’s nice about the little things is that they’re often easy, quick, and inexpensive to fix.


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