Coffee at My Doctor’s Office?

I had my bi-annual physical today (I’m doing fine, by the way. Thanks for asking.). For a full physical, you’re supposed to fast – no food or drink for 12 hours prior to the exam.

When the nurse asked me how I was doing, I said, “I’m STARVING.” I was kidding (kind of). She asked me if I wanted some coffee or a bagel.

Really! Has your doctor ever offered you coffee?

I thought back to the various doctor’s offices I’ve visited over the past few years and can vaguely remember seeing a coffee pot in the corner of one or two waiting areas.

But I had never been offered coffee until today.

It immediately made me think about all the products and services we offer at sparkspace. I realized that we don’t really offer most of them, we provide them. Big difference. Providing a product or service is like having a coffee pot in the corner of the waiting room. It’s completely passive.

Offering a product is proactive. It says, “Hey, I see you have a need. I’m happy to meet your need and take care of it for you!” Much better service.

We have an operations meeting today. This question will be on the top of my agenda: What can we offer our guests that we currently only provide?

I’m excited to see how things change!


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