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Why Most People Don’t Excel At Work

Are you just steps away from excellence?

I ran across this scene at my local grocery store the other day: a shopping cart hooked over the curb of one of the parking lot flower beds literally TEN STEPS from the nearest cart corral. This drives me NUTS….

How To Say No With Confidence

Say NO!

You always have too much to do. Do you know why you always have too much to do? Because you suck at saying no. I’m going to let that sink in for a moment. It’s true, isn’t it? That never-ending list of…

The Ultimate Performance Improvement Motivator

Sadly, most of you won’t be missed. There’s only one question you need to motivate yourself toward more performance improvement at work. It’s not about how many widgets you produced, how many deals you closed, or how much you improved…

10 Things To Be Thankful For At Work

When you sit around the Thanksgiving table this week, sharing your stories of what is awesome and wonderful in your life, will your job make the list? Why not? One of the truths I have come to know in life…

4 Keys To Rockstar Motivation

Every workplace hopefully has one or two. The Best Places To Work award winners you read about usually have them woven throughout the ocmpany. I’m talking about Rockstars — those high-performing, superstar employees whose work and results stand out from…


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