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How to Be a Better Team Member

If you’re interested in your personal development, or your team’s personal development I’ve made a list of a few ways you can add development into your life, work, or even your next meeting.

Do You Know Which Kind Of Learning You’re Doing?

Just In Time Learning

Just In Case Learning is what we do when we don’t know what to do. It’s the liberal arts degree of entrepreneurship. The opposite of Just In Case Learning is Just In Time Learning…

The Best Meeting Icebreakers

sparkspace is filled with games, toys, potato heads, candy, and an atmosphere that oozes creativity and fun. Naturally we seem like the perfect place to find fun ideas and activities for a meeting. “What breakout activities do you have?” as…

So, What Have You Learned Lately?

Greetings from Nashville! Nashville? Yes, Nashville. I’m in Music City to attend what is turning out to be a pretty amazing workshop called StoryBrand, which teaches the framework that most great stories have in common. The point is to apply this…

The Best Ways to Reenergize your Team Members

Picture this: You have been in a meeting all day. It’s 3:30pm on a Tuesday afternoon. You have just come back from your last scheduled break during an all-day meeting. The entire team is glassy-eyed and ready to go home,…


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