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Why It Is Important To Discover Your Essence

A week ago, if you had asked me why it is important to discover your essence I might have looked at you like you had two heads. A week later, I feel like it is one of the most important things you can do…

How to Be a Better Team Member

If you’re interested in your personal development, or your team’s personal development I’ve made a list of a few ways you can add development into your life, work, or even your next meeting.

The Ultimate Business Meeting Gift Guide

How about adding some spark to your gifts and fore-go the “chotchkie” items we’re all tired of, and provide your teams a gift with value. How about a gift that your team will actually use and appreciate? I’ve provided some solutions to your next business meeting gift ideas. These are sure to have your team talking…

For The Love Of It

My wife and I had a quick conversation on vacation that made some serious light bulbs go off in my head. We were watching a scene in a movie that takes place in a college radio station. I commented that…

A 2-Step Formula To Make The World Better

I’m going to lay out a 2-step formula that I guarantee will solve 99.999% of the frustration and disappointment in the world. If you follow it, this formula will also instantly make you a much better service provider, employee, boss, spouse, co-worker, friend,…


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