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How Meeting Facilitation Can Help Three Common Team Problems

Over the past 18 years, we have hosted thousands of meetings with teams of every shape, size, and dysfunction you can imagine. We’ve witnessed too many teams dragged down by baggage they didn’t even know they were carrying. That’s why…

Three Ways to Avoid the Afternoon Slump During Your Next Meeting

Does the afternoon slump sound familiar to anyone? You’re in an all-day meeting and the 2 o’clock hour rolls around. Ugh. The energy has drained from the meeting room. Your coworker’s eyes are glazed over and they’re all tired from…

Why Structured Play is the New Way to Team Build

Structured Play Benefits

The last stretch of summer is when teams shake things up with a company outing. And while we love baseball games, zoo trips, or even just lounging on a restaurant patio, these offsites don’t necessarily accomplish effective employee bonding. So how…

Current Meeting Catering Trends That We Love

Catering Trends

“If you feed them, they will come.” Ah yes, the mantra of every meeting planner rings truer today than ever before, especially in the foodie culture of Columbus. Of course, meeting participants must be fed. However, offering a sensational food…

How We Retreat: Our Recipe for the Perfect Staff Meeting

how team sparkspace does staff retreats

So how does team sparkspace retreat? Over the past 17 years in business and hosting thousands of meetings, we’ve learned lots of best meeting practices and staff retreat ideas. However it’s through our own personal experience meeting as a team that we’ve discovered…


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