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How We Retreat: Our Recipe for the Perfect Staff Meeting

how team sparkspace does staff retreats

So how does team sparkspace retreat? Over the past 17 years in business and hosting thousands of meetings, we’ve learned lots of best meeting practices and staff retreat ideas. However it’s through our own personal experience meeting as a team that we’ve discovered…

Five Ways to Take Your Meeting From Good to Great

We’ve hosted thousands of meetings over the past 17 years here at sparkspace and throughout the years, we’ve seen what makes certain meeting planners stand out. The thing is, what the rockstar meeting planners do isn’t super complicated; anyone can…

Four Ways to Encourage Cross-Departmental Collaboration

crossfucntional collaboration

Cross-organizational collaboration is a large portion of the meetings we see at sparkspace. Sales & Marketing, Marketing & Finance, Finance and IT. We especially see these type of meetings with Columbus’s many fashion retail home offices like Abercrombie and Fitch,…

Four Easy Ways to Beat the Winter Blues at Work

how to beat the winter blues at the office

Are the winter blues starting to sink in at work? This tends to be that time of year when energy levels go from high to zombie-like low. Our theory is that when you get back to the office from the holidays in January, things…

The 4 Retreats Every Team Should Take This Year

winter team retreat

An annual team retreat is great, but 365 days between retreats is an awfully long time, especially if you want to keep that “retreat spirit” alive in your team the other 364 days. At sparkspace, we believe you should have not one, but…


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