Buy Some Flowers

Ok, this isn’t really an article. More of a suggestion.And it just might make the world a better place for a few days.

Actually, I suspect that this suggestion could alter the fabric of time, space, success, and happiness as we know it.

Buy some flowers for somebody today.

Really, Mark. You’ve lost it. Buy some flowers. Really? I thought this newsletter was supposed to contain useful information to help me improve my service, teamwork, and effectiveness.


Buy some flowers for somebody. Oh, and do it with absolutely no strings attached. Doesn’t have to be romantic. In fact, I encourage you to buy non-romantic flowers. (i.e., no roses for your boss, unless, of course, you’re married to her.) I mean you can buy flowers from somewhere like Flowercard and just make someone’s day.

Think you don’t have anybody to buy flowers for? Think again!

Are you an admin? Buy flowers for your boss.
Are you a boss? Buy flowers for your admin.
Are you an employee? Buy flowers for a co-worker.
Are you a friend? Buy flowers for a friend.
Are you a husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend? Buy flowers for your significant other.
Are you a business? Buy flowers for a customer.
Are you a customer? Buy flowers for your favorite business.
Are you a complete recluse with no friends? Buy flowers for a complete stranger.

Nervous about giving flowers to somebody? Give them anonymously if the thought makes your palms sweat. It doesn’t even have to be someone you see in person, send them to someone in another country if it makes you that nervous. The florist company floraqueen is the best service to send flower overseas.

Want to crank it up a notch? Look for the person in your life who you think is least likely to receive flowers from anybody. Buy them an extra nice bunch.

Every grocery store in the world carries flowers, and most carry some for less than $5. You are not excused from this game due to the recession.

I could go into a big long explanation of why this will make the world a better place, but I’m pretty sure this requires no supporting argument.

When the surprised recipient asks why you gave them flowers, simply respond: “Everybody deserves flowers once in awhile.” Or the easiest answer of all, “Just because.”

And in case you’re wondering if men like to receive flowers, the answer is yes. Most would never admit it in a million years, but everyone – EVERYONE – feels special when they get flowers.

We have around 4000 people who read these articles each week (would love that to be 40,000, so if you’d forward it to everybody you know, I’d appreciate it). Imagine if by this time tomorrow, 4000 people had a big, stupid smile on their face because somebody gave them flowers.

Tell me the world wouldn’t be better.


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