What BUSY Really Means

Woman giving pile of ring binders to her exhausted colleague in the office

There’s a reason BUSY is a four letter word.

It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

It masquerades as productivity, but it’s not.

It fools us into thinking we’re getting our money’s worth.

It fools us into thinking we’re providing our money’s worth.

It robs us of our peace, our creativity, our true nature.

It distracts us from focusing on what is most important.

It perpetually delays us from arriving in our zone of genius.

Busy is pure evil.

Ok, that last one is a little overdramatic…or is it?

We like to stay busy because when we’re busy we’re contributing, right? Wrong. Busy and contribution are two different things. Can you be busy contributing? Sure. Can you contribute just by being busy? Not a chance.

I finally decided what busy is. It’s an acronym that stands for:


Bullshit Undermining Superhuman You


Please forgive my cussing, but no other word would do. I tried to substitute the word “baloney” in there, I really did, but it lacked the “umph” the acronym truly deserves.

Busy is kryptonite that keeps you from doing your best work.

We rationalize and justify being busy all the time because the alternative is, well NOT being busy. And we can’t have that, can we? But do you ever do your best work when you’re so busy you can’t see straight?

Granted, sometimes our busy-ness is handed to us by our boss, customers, school, or some other external force. But look at what keeps you so busy during the course of your entire week and you will discover that you bring much of your busy-ness on yourself. We don’t like to sit still. We don’t like to be bored. We have absolutely no ability to say no. So the merry-go-round spins faster and faster and faster.

It feels completely counterintuitive, but when when you stop being so busy all the time you will finally have the opportunity to do your best work and contribute at an infinitely higher level. And not just at work, but everywhere in your life.

You have fooled yourself into thinking that Busy You IS Superhuman You. After all, it takes superhuman effort to stay that busy. Ah, but there is a difference between superhuman EFFORT and Superhuman YOU.

Superhuman effort cannot be sustained forever. Superhuman You, however, is the best you, the most creative and talented you. Strangely enough, Superhuman You actually doesn’t feel like superhuman effort at all. It’s the you that comes easy because it’s who really you are underneath all that busy-ness. You know, the one who isn’t stressed out all the time. The one who is completely lit up by what they’re doing and it shows.

I’d like to meet Superhuman You, wouldn’t you?

What would you create, contribute, work on, or get completely obsessed about (in a good way) if you weren’t so busy all the time? Leave a reply below and let Superhuman You step away from the kryptonite for a moment.


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