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I’m almost an author (meaning I’m almost finished writing my first book).

I’ve ALMOST written a book at least three times in the past (meaning I never really started). This time is different, though. I’m actually about 75% done with the first draft. If all goes well I’ll be pretty close to finished by the end of next week. I’m shooting to get it edited, proofed, and whatever other hoops I need to jump through so it can be printed by June 1st, or December 31st, or at least sometime before I’m 100 years old. Most likely June.

As I’ve watched others publish and promote their books lately, I have noticed a few things that, honestly, have made me go “ugggh!” Watching “the way it’s done now” has made me loathe the whole book publishing thing so much I have considered scrapping the book altogether on several occasions. Rather than do that, though, I’ve decided to make a few promises about my upcoming book. Although these are mostly promises to myself — so I may keep my sanity and integrity intact — I also think they’re pretty solid promises to make to anyone who might be even remotely interested in the book.


A few promises to you (and me) about my upcoming book:



I promise not to state, infer, or imply that my book will make your life 10,000 times better. I hope it gives you something to think about and encourages you to take some action, but that’s it. It ain’t the Bible and I’m certainly not going to pretend it is.


I promise not to mount a relentless campaign to get everyone to buy the book on the same day just so I can become a “Best Seller” for ten minutes on Amazon, The New York Times, or any other list. If I become a best seller, I want it to be because the book is so damn good that people buy it, love it, and tell their friends to buy it, too. Yeah, I know some “experts” will say I’m naive and that’s not the way it works. They can pound sand. Creating hyped up sales just so you can claim to be a best seller is borderline fraud and I just won’t do it.


I promise to keep it long enough to make my point but short enough to keep you awake. I read a review of another book on Amazon the other day that said “20% of the book was good, the other 80% was useless filler.” I’m working very hard to make sure nobody will be able to say that about my book.


I promise the book will NOT be a super long sales letter in disguise. Will I create a retreat experience from the content of the book? You bet (in fact, I already have). Will I leave key pieces of information out of the book to entice you to come to my retreat? Not a chance. I hate, hate, HATE that approach. I’m going to put it all in the book, baby. When you read the book, you’ll get it all. You won’t NEED to come to a retreat, but you’ll WANT to…and you’ll beg me to tell you when the next one is, ha ha!

With those simple promises I feel like I can finish this project and be proud of it, even if nobody ever reads it. That sounds funny to say about something that I am pouring so much time and energy into. But in the end, I think that’s WHY I can make these promises. I’m not trying to become famous or rich or “best-selling” by writing this book. I’m writing it because I think the topic is interesting, I like to write, and it’s a fun new experience for me. If anyone else enjoys it or benefits from it, well, that’s icing on the cake.


Almost forgot to tell you: The topic of the book is “Ordinary Superpowers”. I wrote about this in a previous blog post which you can check out here.


If you’d like to be notified when the book comes out, drop your email below. I hope you know by now that I won’t bombard you with emails about it, just one or two during the first few weeks after it comes out.


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