Best Ways to Keep Your Team's Energy Up


It can be a struggle to keep your team’s energy up, especially during full day meetings, stressful meetings, or long training sessions. With the help of our clients’ feedback and our own expertise, we’ve discovered the three best ways to keep your team’s energy up.

1. Eat light and snack often!

You can always start a meeting with a hearty meal, but make sure to keep lunch and snacks on the healthier side. Steer clear of carb-heavy foods in the afternoon. Filling up on a carb-heavy meal mid-day can really drain your team’s energy. An example of a healthy meal that won’t leave your team feeling weighed down is a grilled salad bar; it’s loaded with fresh veggies and protein. ¬†Food always perks up a crowd so having an energizing late afternoon snack scheduled is appreciated.

2. Add natural light!

Sunlight is one of the best ways to increase energy. Even a small does of Vitamin D can help improve your team’s mood and energy levels. If you have the option of opening up a window during your meeting, even better! If you’re in a room with no natural light try to get outside for 10-15 minutes. Taking your team for a quick stroll around the building will give your team the break they need to refocus.

3. Break the script!

Do something out of the ordinary. The unusual will always capture the attention of others. And if you’re not a “break the script” kinda leader….do it anyway. This is the best way to keep your team’s energy up because they won’t be expecting anything unusual. Playing a silly game after lunch or having team members share a positive story may be just what you need to break the script.

For more ideas on how to “break the script” during your next meeting,¬†CLICK HERE.



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