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I’m not going to beat around the bush: it’s my birthday today and I want a present from you.

I want you to give me a question. Ok, technically you don’t GIVE a question, you ASK a question, but it’s MY birthday and I will butcher the English language however I want.

So, I would like to request a question from you.

About what, you ask?


I’m curious to know if you could ask me anything, what would you ask?

Here’s what will happen if you ask a question: I’ll give you an honest answer.

I realize this is a little risky, and it’s definitely not a typical kind of post for me. Maybe nobody will ask a question and I’ll end up looking silly for thinking anyone would. Maybe I’ll get a thousand questions that will take me three weeks to answer. Maybe I’ll be stumped by your questions. Maybe you’ll think my answers are totally nuts.

But for some crazy reason I thought this would be fun. Birthdays should be fun, don’t you think? Have I told you it’s my birthday?

Here’s how to ask me a question:

Ask your question in the reply section after this post. That way if I DO get a thousand questions, it won’t clog up my inbox. In fact, the blog is only place I’ll answer any questions this week.

Thanks! Let’s have some fun!


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