Are You "Important" or Influential?

There is a big difference between being “important” and being influential. The problem is most people seek the wrong one.

So what’s the difference between the two? Actually, there are many.

  • “Important” people draft workers. Influential people engage volunteers.
  • “Important” people seek recognition. Influential people seek results.
  • “Important” people enjoy the spotlight. Influential people prefer backstage.
  • “Important” people focus on their efforts. Influential people focus the efforts of others.
  • “Important” people protect their turf. Influential people seek common ground.
  • “Important” people talk about their intelligence. Influential people listen so they can talk intelligently.
  • “Important” people like to win. Influential people like everyone to win.
  • “Important” people have things done by others. Influential people get things done through others.
  • “Important” people require obedience. Influential people inspire loyalty.
  • “Important” people built monuments. Influential people leave legacies.

FYI, influence has nothing to do with title. In every organization, anyone can be influential: administrative assistant or business owner, front-line worker or mid-level manager, custodian or CEO.

So what do you really want to be, “important” or influential?


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