An Unusual Request: Please Unsubscribe

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You heard me.

Please unsubscribe.

Yeah, I know, risky move asking your readers to unsubscribe. Hear me out.

You love the info, yes? You love my clever little stories. You love the pretty pictures I include with each article.

Heck, if you’ve made it past the picture, I know you actually READ the stuff I put out each week.

But do you ever DO anything with it?

Do you sit there week after week and say to yourself, “That was some really good advice,” then go about your day doing the same stuff you were doing before?

My goal with this blog is to provide some fresh ideas to help you be more amazing at what you do, to help you get a weekly AHA!, and to spark new thinking.

And I think I accomplish that for thousands of readers each week. Certainly not every article applies to every person who reads this fine, fine publication. But, I know there are many who read the articles every week — some for YEARS — and never ever make a change, try something new, or apply the ideas to their work or life. If that’s you, please unsubscribe.

I meet readers face-to-face all the time who tell me they read this blog or get our e-newsletter in their inbox every week and how much they love it. So I’ve started asking them questions like: “That’s awesome, so what are you DOING with the ideas?” Or, “What improvements have you made lately?” Or, “What new approaches are you trying?

I’m often (way too often) met with the sound of crickets, blank stares, or fumbling “Uh, uh, uh…” responses.

Read this sentence out loud: Life is too short and I am too busy to keep subscribing to stuff I never do anything with.

Read it out loud again. This time actually listen to yourself.

You want to be more effective in your life and work? Unsubscribe from everything you’re not using or benefitting from. Even if you read it on a regular basis. ESPECIALLY if you read it on a regular basis and don’t do anything with it.

Look around your life. There are LOTS of things you’ve signed up for but don’t do anything with: e-newsletters, quote-of-the-day emails, books, classes, conferences, events, meetings, associations, and even friendships. Start unsubscribing and see how much more breathing room you have in your life. You can always re-subscribe later if you really miss something.

If this is the last thing you ever read from me, I will completely understand. In fact, in a weird way I’ll be proud of you for unsubscribing. I’ll miss you as a reader, but I’ll respect you as a rockstar who’s finally figuring out how to get their priorities straight.

If you’re still here next week, I will do my very best to give you another idea you can use to become more amazing at what you do.

So, what will you unsubscribe from? Leave a comment and let me know. Be specific. I’m curious to know what has been cluttering up your life.



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